Donors are Life Savers

 Save Over 1 million Kids in pain, finding it hard to get a good education, Homes and food today. 

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Help them live a happy life.

Their future lies in your donation to help them live a happy life, a little token will be appreciated.

We Create Hope for Less Privileged Kids.

GOLDEN FEET CHARITY INITIATIVE is of significant benefit to disadvantaged children as it creates a culture of caring.

Research findings shows that orphans that go to school without school bags, sandals and uniform are damaged psychologically; this affects their general outlook in life and hinders their ability to compete favorably with their mates.

Donate any amount For our Upcoming Outreach

Your Donation is powerful; enough to elevate a child.

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A/C NAME: Golden Feet Charity Initiative

A/C NO: 1140065833

Safe A Life

Changing The Society

With your help we plan to change the society and save kids from hard labor, poverty, low self esteem, human trafficking, hawking and more.

Supporting Education

Children Deserves Good Education, with education support for less privileged kids we believe there will be less record of atrocities in the society

Bringing Hope

We,You,(Us) are the only hope for the less privilege kids to have a better future.. It Begins with your support.

Thousands of Kids All Around Africa Find it hard to survive Daily

Flip A Token Into a Charity Box and Earn


Flip a Token into our project Charity Box, Refer a friend and get a Thank you Bonus 

Our Aim is to Sponsor and Feed over 1,000 Kids Weekly

40% Donation so far for the week

Donation Raise so far 40%

Gold Feet, Golden Careers In 10 States


We have presently Covered over 10 states and we are growing to reach out to all states to support the Needy  

10 States and still Counting

Future Champions are in Pain

Help Us as we plan to save the future of over 1 million kids in Africa, African Kids are in total hardship 


Charity Gift Box

Give a with love
3,000 Donate gifts
  • Thank you Bonus (Referral)( N1,000)
  • No Limit to the amount of people you can refer
  • Donation Is Accepted as much as you can

Charity Food Box

Food For the Needy
5,000 Food Support
  • Thank you Bonus (Referral)( N1,200)
  • No Limit to the amount of people you can refer
  • Donation Is Accepted as much as you can

Charity Shelter Box

Shelter for the Needy
10,000 Housing Support
  • Thank you Bonus (Referral)( N2,000)
  • No Limit to the amount of people you can refer
  • Donation Is Accepted as much as you can

Charity project Box

Mass Donation Project
15,000 Project Support
  • Thank you Bonus (Referral)( N2,500)
  • No Limit to the amount of people you can refer
  • Donation Is Accepted as much as you can

How it Works

Select any charity box you want to donate to, Register and make your donation.

After donation you will be redirected to your Dashboard where you get your thank you link and Charity ID Number in which you can share with friends and family who also wish to donate

You get a thank you bonus per Person that donates to any of the charity boxes above via your thank you link and charity ID Number.

Our thank you bonus is just to appreciate you for saving a kid future.. we believe with people like you in the world less privilege children can have a better tomorrow.


Photos From Our Gallery

Photo from our gallery of some of our past Charity donation project, To Schools, We donated bags and school sandals to over 100’s kids and covered school fees for some kids

What Some of Our Donor Say About Us

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I have always been passionate about helping people most especially in Africa, I came across golden feet initiative gave my own little support and am glad i did..i believe giving shouldn't be hard for anyone.
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Amidst the hardship increasing daily in Africa this great team embark on a journey to save life from hardship, it a privilege to be a part of this..God Bless Golden feet

A Little Token can Secure a child Dream

A little Token can save and help a child’s future..This Kids are Counting on you to have a better life.

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